Workmanship and Specification Manual / Internal Specifications

Workmanship and Specification Manual (WSM)

- This manual invokes BCS Workmanship Standards (WS), Internal Specifications (IS), and miscellaneous Engineering Specifications as required design, manufacturing, and acceptance criteria when identified on the Purchase Order, Product Definition Data Set (Drawing, Parts List, CAD model, etc.), or Statement of Work. Examples include:
  • Drawing example: Workmanship and Marking per item S01
  • Parts List example: Item: S01 Part Number: WSM
The WSM shall be applicable to all BCS procurements when specified in the Purchase Order, Drawing, or Subcontractor Statement of Work (SSOW).

Workmanship Standards:

The intent for Workmanship Standards is to establish minimum quality requirements by which product should be built, inspected and tested for manufacture of electronic and mechanical assemblies. Workmanship Standards have been established as separate documents to provide minimum acceptance criteria when BCS design authority drawings are silent on unique characteristics. The acceptance criteria established in the WS are not intended to define design intent, nor are they intended to authorize repair/modification or design change. The WS is a collection of visual acceptability requirements for product designed by BCS.

Note: BCS has identified the applicable workmanship and internal specifications within each commodity requirements document for ease of reference. The WSM does not apply to COTS material.


Internal Specifications:

These specifications describe allowable technical variations or alternates to drawings, external specifications and/or workmanship requirements. These variations are global in nature, take precedence over BCS released drawings, and shall be utilized, as applicable, when determining workmanship requirements and assuring compliance to requirements. Example: IS-003 provides direction on class criteria for acceptability to IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-620, and J-STD-001 standards.

Note: BCS uses and imposes IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-620, and J-STD-001 standards, as applicable. BCS does not provide these standards as part of the BCS WSM. They are copyright protected and the responsibility of the supplier to obtain, when required.


Engineering Supplemental Documents:

These documents are used to provide additional design detail to BCS manufacturing drawings. They may be called out on the face of the drawing as notes, or as reference documents (R01) on the Parts List. They may also provide general information about BCS drawings to help answer common questions. Engineering Supplemental Documents can be used to help reduce repetitive items typically used or called out on different types of drawings.